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Wales (English)

Programme resources

We're excited to share the Foundations 4 Sector 3 (F4S3) training programme with you. This course aims to induct newcomers to the European third sector through a blended learning approach. Additionally, upon completion of each module, learners can claim a digital badge in recognition of their new skills and competence!


On this page you will find course content for the Welsh Third Sector.​ The four training modules offered are:


  • Landscape of the Third Sector

  • Public Policy & Advocacy

  • Professional Skills Necessary to Work in the Third Sector

  • Personal Skills Necessary to Work in the Third Sector.


If you wish to run F4S3 in your organisation, you can download all the training resources below. The zip file contains all the files for all four modules of the programme, including:


  • Lesson plans

  • Training slides

  • Additional resources for your learners

  • Online links for learners to claim their digital badges upon completion of a module or the programme.


Once you download the files, you will have everything you need to run the course! You can run it as a package of four training modules, or take it in bitesize pieces. For example, running one module to meet the training needs of your group.

If you have any further questions about the resources, please get in touch via the contact page or by emailing Wendy Gilbert, WCVA’s Learning Officer and Project Manager on or CathyAnne Fox from The Wheel on

Levitating Books

Download the zip file below for all F4S3 training documents for Wales (English & Cymraeg).

Colorful Notebooks

Programme Templates

Colorful Notebooks

Skills Validation


Transferability Report

Download a summary of our Transferability Report.

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